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July 11, 2021
Two children at Our Preschool Near Dacula

Preschool Near Dacula

When searching for a preschool in the Dacula area, you want to make sure your child will learn, grow, and have fun. This is exactly what we provide at Discovery Point Old Peachtree. Our program is designed to encourage age-appropriate development while making learning fun!

Hands-On Learning at Our Preschool in the Dacula Area

With our curriculum-based preschool program, you can expect your child to develop intellectually. We incorporate various subject areas, including science, reading, math, technology, and art. To make our educational lessons fun and engaging, our teachers use plenty of hands-on techniques. Some of these include science experiments and craft projects. We also use storytelling, music, writing, and dramatic play to focus on language and literacy development.

Another area in which we encourage development is with your child’s social skills. It is important for children between the ages of 2 and 4 to learn social skills as they prepare for their school career. Our preschool program for the Dacula area uses group games and activities to encourage social skill development. Your little one will learn how to interact with their peers and teacher.

Our program also includes the following hands-on learning techniques for skill development:

  • Reading, storytelling, and writing for literacy development
  • Music, dramatic play, and conversation for language development
  • Outdoor play in age-separate play area for physical movement and exercise
  • Activities to encourage confidence and self-esteem
  • Arts and crafts projects for creativity

At Discovery Point Old Peachtree, we use our unique whole-child approach in each program. This involves the combination of learning and our hands-on activities. Above all, our goal is to instill a love of learning in our students. By making our lessons and activities fun, we help our students enjoy themselves.

Local Care at Discovery Point Old Peachtree

We have been serving the community since 2007. Over the years, our dedication to serving local children has grown into the programs we offer today. If you are located in one of the following areas, turn to us for your child care needs:

You can schedule a tour of our child care center to get started with us. This is a great way to learn more about our programs and how they can help your family. We are also happy to answer any questions you may have.

Call Discovery Point Old Peachtree at (770) 513-0231 to schedule your tour and to get more information about our preschool in the Dacula area.