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January 3, 2022
Teacher reading a book to students during educational child care in Polo Fields

Learn About Our Educational Child Care in the Polo Fields Area

Our educational child care near Polo Fields focuses on much more than just development. While age-appropriate learning is our goal for each student, we also strive to meet many other needs, providing comprehensive care for children in our community.

5 Key Elements of Our Educational Child Care Near Polo Fields

We believe our educational child care can have a positive impact on each child’s development. By combining learning and play in a safe environment, we are able to meet the needs of our students. The unique approach of our programs encourages students to fall in love with learning. Everything is covered in our programs, from your child’s safety to their growth and development.

Here are the five key areas of our educational child care programs:

  • Learning and growth: With programs available for infants up to 12-year-olds, we focus on providing age-appropriate education. Our programs feature content, materials, and activities that are appropriate for each age range.
  • Health and nutrition: In addition to learning, our programs encourage healthy habits for our students. We provide USDA-approved meals and encourage our students to play outside and stay active.
  • Safety and security: We consider our students’ safety to be our top priority. We have countless measures in place throughout our center, including a keypad-locked entrance, childproof electrical outlets, and age-separate play areas.
  • Curriculum: Following research-based curriculums ensures our programs are well-rounded. We have a strong focus on literacy and also include math, science, technology, and art.
  • Quality assurance: Our mission is to provide the best possible care at all times. To make this possible, we have staff members certified in CPR and First Aid. We also conduct monthly fire drills to keep safety top of mind.

Enroll at Discovery Point Post Road

At Discovery Point Post Road, we are committed to serving our community. This is evident in the range of programs we offer and the comprehensive nature of our care. If you are located in Polo Fields, Cumming, or a surrounding area, turn to us for educational child care. 

To get started with our educational child care in the Polo Fields area, call us at (770) 844-7977. We’d love to help you schedule a complimentary tour of our center and help you find the best program for your child.