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July 16, 2021
Teacher and Children at Discovery Point Child Care Near Holly Springs

Child Care Near Holly Springs

As you experience our child care in the Holly Springs area, you will find that we are much more than a typical daycare. Our programs feature an educational approach that will prepare your child for years of schooling to come. Keep reading below to learn more about Discovery Point Prominence Point.

Experience All Our Child Care Near Holly Springs Has to Offer

We hope to encourage a lifelong love of learning for each of our students. With programs for children as young as six weeks up to 12 years old, our approach has to be unique for each age range. We have carefully designed our programs to provide age-appropriate content that is comprehensive and fun for our students.

Here are the key areas of our child care experience:

  • Creative programs: Our unique approach features not only intellectual development for our students, but also includes social and physical skill-building. We provide well-rounded programs that will impact your child for years to come.
  • Health and nutrition: With proper fuel and energy, children are better equipped to learn. Our center offers healthy, balanced meals, and we encourage outdoor play and exercise.
  • Preschool curriculum: Our preschool program follows two distinct and research-based curriculums. One focuses on incorporating hands-on activities, while the other brings in literacy and language development.
  • Safety and security: You want your child to be safe at all times. Our child care center features a keypad-locked entry, childproof electrical outlets, open classroom layouts, and visitor ID screenings.
  • Quality assurance: Providing a high level of care is our mission. Quality assurance helps us train all staff in CPR and First Aid. It also ensures our safety systems are functioning.

Discovery Point Prominence Point — Getting Started

At Discovery Point Prominence Point, we hope to be an extension of the care you provide at home. Our staff consists of local individuals who are passionate about providing care for children in our community. We offer our programs to families in Holly Springs, Canton, and throughout the surrounding area.

To get started with us, you can schedule a free tour of our center. Tours hold no obligation, and they allow you to see our classrooms and experience our programs in action. We are happy to answer any questions you have about our programs and schedules at this time.

Call our team today at (770) 720-8682 to learn more about our child care in Holly Springs and the surrounding area.