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September 28, 2022
Cute little children with nursery teacher at pre k in Canton.

What to Expect from Pre K in Canton

As you search for a pre k in Canton, you want to find a safe and educational space for your child. Our team at Discovery Point Prominence Point is passionate about teaching and caring for children in our community. Keep reading below to learn more about our program.

This program is designed to benefit children between the ages of 4 and 5 years old. We keep our classes small in size, encouraging more one-on-one interaction between our teachers and students. Our teachers are trained in early childhood education and love watching their students learn, play, and grow.

We take a holistic approach in our center, and our teachers combine educational lessons with activities and play. This encourages our students to enjoy learning each day. Our curriculum-based program also includes opportunities to develop many different skills.

You can expect the following from our pre k program:

  • Themed units with coordinating lessons and activities
  • Language development through music, dramatic play, and conversation
  • Literacy development through reading, writing, and storytelling
  • Physical movement through outdoor play
  • Well-rounded content, including math, reading, and technology

Our Pre K Program Objectives

The first goal of our program is to prepare our students for the years of schooling ahead. Our classrooms have been carefully designed to mimic kindergarten. We also focus on learning in our program, including basic skills in math, science, and reading. Our teachers follow a structured daily routine, which helps their students know what to expect.

Another goal of our program is to teach lifelong skills. Our teachers encourage their students to learn things that will serve them for years to come. Interacting with peers and doing group activities help our students develop social skills. They are also encouraged to build emotional skills, including confidence and self-esteem.

Enroll at Discovery Point Prominence Point Today

At Discovery Point Prominence Point, you’ll find a team of local owners, staff, and teachers. We’re strongly connected to our community and are proud to serve local families. Our pre k program is available to families in Canton, Holly Springs, and throughout the surrounding area.

If you are interested in our program, we invite you to schedule a free tour of our center. You will be able to see our classrooms and play areas, as well as experience our programs in action.

Call us today at (770) 720-8682 to schedule your tour and to learn more about our pre k in Canton.