Before & After School Programs in Wesley Chapel

At Discovery Point Seven Oaks, we offer a before and after school program in Wesley Chapel that enables school-aged students to enjoy a comfortable, educational space during the hours that school’s not in session. Our engaging environment inspires school agers to embrace the process of learning and provides them with the resources that they need to thrive.

About Our Before & After School Programs in Wesley Chapel

Parents and school-aged children can look forward to the following when they choose to enroll in our programs:

homework help at our after school programs in Wesley Chapel

Helpful transportation options. We understand that it can be tough for working parents to get their children from point A to point B during the middle of the workday. Our state-inspected and approved buses offer a convenient transportation option for students at some public schools in the area.

Age-appropriate activities. We have plenty of activities in store that keep school agers engaged with new ideas and enable them to build new skills while discovering the world around them. In addition to collaborative projects and team-building activities, we also offer homework help and access to literature and technology resources.

Safe and comfortable facilities. We’ve thought of every last detail to ensure that your child is comfortable while under our supervision. For example, our daycare center contains private bathrooms and bright, open floor plans that encourage visibility. We also have age-separate play areas where children can comfortably engage in peer-to-peer play.

Inspiring School Agers in Wesley Chapel

Our before and after school programs have been specifically designed to meet the unique needs of school agers and provide them with plenty of opportunities for growth and development. Our classrooms are stocked with a range of resources that promote interaction and enable students to complete their homework or enjoy a relaxing afternoon with their peers.

While under our care, your child will experience nurturing care and support from our child development professionals. We help every child continue their academic and social growth while having fun and receiving the individualized attention that they deserve.

You can also count on us to be there for your child on days when the school bell doesn’t ring. Our programs offer a safe and supportive space for children during school breaks, holidays, and teacher work days.

Learn more about our before and after school programs in Wesley Chapel and get started with a free tour of our daycare center. Just call Discovery Point Seven Oaks at (813) 994-2700 for details. We provide services to Wesley Chapel, Pebble Creek, Seven Oaks & the surrounding communities.

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