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June 8, 2021
Two children at preschool near Pebble Creek

What to Expect from Our Preschool For Pebble Creek 

When choosing a preschool in the Pebble Creek area, you want to make sure your child has access to everything they need. At Discovery Point Seven Oaks, we have every basis covered. Our program embraces the natural qualities of our students and provides hands-on techniques to keep them engaged and excited about learning. Keep reading for more details about our program.

Hands-On Learning at Our Preschool Near Pebble Creek

Our preschool program is designed for local children between the ages of two and four. In this program, we embrace the natural curiosity associated with this age range. Our research-based curriculum contains new ideas, concepts, and skills that will serve your child for years to come. Your little one is sure to stay excited about learning with our unique curriculum.

At Discovery Point Seven Oaks, we bring a whole-child approach to our preschool program for the Pebble Creek area. This means we make learning fun and engaging by combining educational content with fun activities and games. Each lesson in our curriculum will be learned and practiced with hands-on techniques.

Here are some of the hands-on activities you can expect for your child:

  • Outdoor exercise and movement in our age-appropriate play area
  • Arts and crafts
  • Science experiments to practice and visualize lessons
  • Music, dramatic play, and puppets to encourage language development
  • Storytelling and writing activities promote literacy
  • Group games and activities for social interaction

Our preschool classrooms for the Pebble Creek area have also been uniquely designed to enhance discovery for our students. We include only age-appropriate materials and toys, keeping your little one safe in the learning process. 

Local Care at Discovery Point Seven Oaks

As a local child care provider, we are proud to serve children and families in our community. If your little one is ready for preschool, we would love to inspire them and make learning fun for them! Our programs are available for families from Pebble Creek, Wesley Chapel, Seven Oaks, and the surrounding areas.

Touring our child care center will allow you to become more acquainted with our programs. You will see our child-friendly classrooms and play areas and will be able to see our programs in action. Tours can be scheduled at your convenience by calling us or stopping by our location.

Call Discovery Point Seven Oaks at (813) 994-2700 to learn more about our preschool program in the Pebble Creek area.