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May 3, 2023
child playing at day care center in Shady Hills

Day Care Center in Shady Hills: How We Keep Your Child Safe

As a parent, your child’s safety is always your top priority. At Discovery Point Seven Hills, we understand this. Our day care in Shady Hills prioritizes the safety and security of our students at all times. Keep reading below to learn more about our center and our safety and security measures.

About the Safety and Security Measures in Our Day Care Center

In each area of our center, you will find safety and security measures in place. We feel that keeping our students and staff safe is of the utmost importance. From the moment they enter our doors, to the time you pick them up, your child will be safe.

Some of the safety and security measures at our center include:

  • A keypad-locked entrance
  • Visitor ID screenings
  • Child-friendly furniture and fixtures
  • Employees certified in CPR and First Aid
  • Age-separate outdoor play areas
  • Childproof electrical outlets
  • Background checks on owners and employees
  • Fire sprinklers throughout the building

Our students spend the majority of their time in our classrooms. That’s why we have designed our classrooms with safety in mind. Each room features an open layout, which allows room for play and exploration, while also maximizing teacher supervision. We also utilize only age-appropriate toys and materials to promote safe play for every age range.

With your child in our care, you can have complete peace of mind. We take safety and security very seriously, which is evident in our various measures and efforts. Our goal is for your child to receive high-quality care and you to feel comfortable dropping them off each day.

Get Started with Discovery Point Seven Hills

At Discovery Point Seven Hills, we are strongly connected to the community. Our team consists of local owners, staff, and teachers who love watching children learn and grow. If you are located in one of the following areas, we would love to welcome your child into our day care center:

  • Shady Hills
  • Spring Hill
  • Hudson
  • Hernando Beach
  • And throughout the surrounding area

We offer complimentary tours of our center for families who are interested in our programs. You will be able to see inside our center and check out our safety and security measures for yourself. This is also a great time to address any questions you have.

For more information about our day care center in Shady Hills, call us today at (352) 686-0728.