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Newnan Child Development Center

Quality Child Care Services in Newnan, GA

Children begin learning long before they enter formal schooling. They have inquisitive minds that soak up information like a sponge. At Discovery Point Sharpsburg, we provide programs and activities that not only accommodate a child’s creativity, but encourage it as well. Our qualified teachers and staff construct curriculums that consider each students’ interests. We’re not simply a babysitting center. We strive to provide your kids with the tools they need to succeed in life at our Newnan daycare.

Nourishing Bodies & Minds

Growing children need all the nutrients they can get, both for their body and their mind. Our certified teachers create lesson plans that challenge students but that are also fun. In addition to caring for the mind, we also provide healthy snacks to nurture the body.

Healthy nutrition we offer includes:

  • Nutritious, USDA friendly meals
  • Enforced health and hygiene standards
  • Accommodations of dietary needs
  • Sanitized toys and equipment
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Sharpsburg Child Care

We partnered with Teaching Strategies® to implement the nationally recognized Creative Curriculum®system. These research-based lessons allow teachers to focus on each child’s unique abilities and learning styles.

From providing nutritious meals to ensuring our facilities are safe and secure, child care at Discovery Point Sharpsburg offers a holistic approach to your child’s well-being and education. As a trusted name in child care, we’d love to welcome you to our family!