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January 4, 2022
Teacher reading a book to students during educational child care in Peachtree City

Find Educational Child Care Near Peachtree City

When searching for educational child care in the Peachtree City area, you want to find a program that meets the needs of your child. Our team at Discovery Point Sharpsburg offers programs that are age-appropriate and focused on learning. Keep reading to learn more about our age ranges and how our programs meet the developmental needs of our students.

An Overview of Our Educational Child Care Programs

At Discovery Point Sharpsburg, our educational child care is curriculum-based. We offer care for ages 6 weeks to 12 years, and our approach is tailored to the unique needs of each age range. Every program combines educational content with hands-on activities to encourage a lifelong love of learning for our students in the Peachtree area.

Here is an overview of our programs and the ages we teach:

  • Infants: For our youngest students, we encourage new cognitive, sensory, physical, and emotional developments. Our infant program takes place in our safe classrooms, which feature soft edges and textures.
  • Beginners: Students who are walking will be allowed more freedom to explore. As they begin to move around on their own, our students can interact more with peers and discover new skills.
  • Toddlers: The goal of this program is to balance newfound independence with teacher guidance. We allow room for self-assertion and individuality, while balancing it with group work and play.
  • Preschoolers: As our students begin to build their knowledge, they are given creative ways to learn. Hands-on activities and play are combined with lessons in reading, math, and art.
  • Pre-Kindergarten: Preparing students for school is the main goal of this program. We provide a structured environment where children will become confident learners and active readers.
  • School-aged children: We have programs available for children already in school. These include enrichment programs, before- and after-school care, and summer camps.

Connect with Discovery Point Sharpsburg

We are proud to be your trustworthy source of educational child care in the area. At Discovery Point Sharpsburg, our team is committed to helping our students learn and grow each day. If you are located in one of the following areas, turn to us for child care that will meet your needs:

  • Peachtree City
  • Sharpsburg
  • Senoia
  • Newnan
  • And throughout all the surrounding areas

To get started with us, we invite you to schedule a tour of our center. This is a great way to get acquainted with our staff and programs. We are also happy to answer any questions you may have.

Call Discovery Point Sharpsburg today at (770) 254-1880 to learn more about our educational child care near Peachtree City and to schedule your tour.