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Child Care in Newnan

We’re So Much More Than Just Daycare!

Providing Child Care and Daycare Services for Infants to School-Aged Children

Since 1988, Discovery Point Child Development Centers have been a beacon of educational and creative light for children of all ages. At Discovery Point Summergrove, we offer a safe space for child care in Newnan where children can explore and gain confidence in their abilities. We nourish their thirst for knowledge and encourage their imagination.

With low child-to-teacher ratios, spacious classroom designs, secure entrances, excellent curriculum, and active on-site owners, our child care services cover all of the areas that matter most to parents. The result is an optimal environment for children to grow and explore as they develop important social and academic skills.

Quality Rated Child Care
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Experience the Discovery Point Difference in Newnan

Children are constantly observing, learning, and processing new information. They have an innate sense of curiosity that leads them to explore their surroundings and new ideas. But while you may want to keep them constantly engaged, it can be tiring and near impossible to maintain this 24/7 as a parent. With reliable child care services to turn to, you can have peace of mind knowing that your little one is being cared for in a nurturing environment where he or she can learn, play, and make friends.

At Discovery Point Summergrove, we help children learn and grow while parents tackle chores, head to work, or run important errands. Our secure facility has been custom-designed with the needs of children in mind, promoting safety and adventure at the same time. Our open floor plans allow plenty of opportunities for discovery and exploration while enabling children to stay visible to our watchful teachers and staff. We also practice rigorous visitor ID screening and undergo monthly quality assurance inspections.

In addition to safety and security, you can count on your child receiving plenty of care and individualized instruction. That’s because we maintain low student-to-teacher ratios that ensure every child has their needs met and their unique talents and abilities recognized. We also work with proprietary, research-backed curriculum that provides developmentally appropriate lesson plans to challenge children while encouraging them to have fun.

With Discovery Point Summergrove, you can expect us to provide high-quality child care services that include the following:

  • Creative outlets for self-expression
  • Certified teachers
  • Before and after school options
  • Computer access
  • USDA approved meals
  • Summer camp opportunities
  • Enrichment programs

We welcome you to schedule a free tour of our center in Newnan to learn more about our child care services. Call Discovery Point Summergrove at (770) 252-2166 for details.