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Child Care Services in Newnan, GA

Safe & Secure Newnan Preschool

Children are constantly observing, learning, and processing new information. They have an innate sense of curiosity that leads them to explore their surroundings and new ideas. But while you may want to keep them constantly engaged, it can be tiring and near impossible to maintain this 24/7 as a parent.

At Discovery Point Summergrove, we help children learn and grow while parents tackle chores, head to work, or run important errands.

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Newnan, GA Child Care

Innovative Programs That Are No-Brainers

For over 25 years, Discovery Point has been a beacon of educational and creative light for children of all ages. We offer a safe space where children can explore and gain confidence in their abilities. We nourish their thirst for knowledge and encourage their imagination. With low teacher to student ratios, spacious classroom designs, secure entrances, excellent curriculum, and active on-site owners, we cover all the areas that matter most to parents.