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January 30, 2023
Teacher and children at our Pre K in the Gibsonton Area

Pre K in the Gibsonton Area

5 Reasons It’s Important for Your Child

As your child gets closer to starting school, you want them to be prepared. Our pre k in the Gibsonton area helps local children enter school with confidence. At Discovery Point Symmes, we provide comprehensive care with an educational focus. Keep reading below to learn more about us and how our program will benefit your child.

When you choose our pre k program for your child, you can rest assured they are in good hands. Teachers in our programs encourage their students to learn, play, and grow every day. Your child will be introduced to a school setting and get acquainted with following a daily routine.

Here are five reasons it’s important to enroll your child:

  • Children interact with peers and learn to share.
  • The program provides a structured environment with limited rules.
  • There is a focus on literacy and language development.
  • Children make their own choices.
  • Valuable social skills are developed.

About Our Pre K Near Gibsonton

At Discovery Point Symmes, we want to see our students succeed in school and life. Our program balances intellectual development with emotional and social skill-building. Your child will learn everything they need to know to start kindergarten. 

We follow a whole-child approach in our program, which means we appeal to every child’s unique needs. Our teachers frequently combine learning and play. This embraces our students’ natural curiosity and allows them to learn in interactive ways. We hope to encourage a lifelong love of learning in our students.

Here are some other key aspects of our program:

  • Small class sizes
  • Age-appropriate content and materials
  • Teachers trained in early childhood education
  • Curriculum-based learning
  • Outdoor play and motor skill-building

Get Started with Discovery Point Symmes

Since 2009, Discovery Point Symmes has been providing quality childcare programs for local families. As a team of local owners, staff, and teachers, we are passionate about the growth and development of children in our area. Our pre k program is available to families in Gibsonton, Riverview, Hillsborough County, and throughout the surrounding area.

If you’re interested in learning more, we encourage you to schedule a complimentary tour of our center. Not only is this a great opportunity to learn more about our programs, but it is also a great time to address any questions you have. 

Call us today at (813) 671-1800 for more information about our pre k in the Gibsonton area.