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November 24, 2020
Children being cared for at Full Time Daycare in New Port Richey

Children Love Our Full Time Daycare in New Port Richey

At Discovery Point Trouble Creek, helping children thrive is both our passion and our mission. As part of our full time daycare program for the New Port Richey area, we give young learners the assistance they need to build important skills and lay a solid foundation for academic growth. In addition to a hands-on approach to learning, we also offer nurturing care that helps children blossom as individuals.

Our Full Time Daycare Program Offers a Range of Benefits

We know just how important it is for children to develop a lifelong love of learning early on. That’s why we make a point of allowing our students to follow their natural curiosity wherever it leads them. When your child is under our care, they’ll be encouraged to embrace their innate sense of wonder and pursue their unique passions. With this approach, we strive to help each and every one of our students develop as critical thinkers and innovative problem solvers.

Here are just a few other reasons why families trust us to care for their children:

  • We have a safety-first mentality. Our center was built from the ground up with children’s security in mind. We’ve incorporated a range of safety-focused details into our facility to ensure children are safe and secure at all times. For example, our classrooms have open floor plans to promote visibility, and access to our building is limited to a single keypad-locked entrance.
  • We offer an enlightening take on diet and nutrition. We aim to educate children as to why nutritious foods are so important for their overall well-being. The healthy meals and snacks prepared in our on-site kitchen provide students with a foundation for a lifetime of healthy eating habits.
  • We participate in a strict quality assurance program. We’re held to standards that go above and beyond state regulations. As part of our quality assurance program, our center undergoes monthly evaluations in multiple areas, including nutrition, safety, and supervision.

Visit Our Child Care Center in New Port Richey!

Want to learn more about enrolling your child in one of our programs? We recommend taking a no-cost, no-obligation tour of our facility.

Our center is easily accessible from:

  • New Port Richey
  • Trinity
  • Hudson
  • Port Richey
  • And the surrounding areas

Call Discovery Point Trouble Creek today at (727) 376-8211 for details about our full time daycare in the New Port Richey area. Alternatively, you can visit our child care center in person for more information.