Discovery Point Blog

May 2, 2016

Summer Camp 2016

Week 1 – Welcome to HollywoodKick off the summer under the spotlight of what makes you special! Week 2 – You’ve Got a FriendCelebrate favorite friendships from books and film as we create new camp friendships!Week 3 – The Wild, Wild, WestSaddle up for a wild ride through an Old Timey Western! Hoedown, included! Week 4 – Once Upon a FairytaleCreate costumes, puppetry, and set backdrops that will bring a fairytale kingdom to life! Week 5 – Broadway BoundTake the stage to celebrate the 4th of July with the sights and sounds of New York City!

Week 6 – Game Show Under the SeaTropical sea creatures and a mermaid lead us on a race through the Great Barrier Reef ! Week 7 – Action Hero Adventure Put on your cape and practice your super powers as we discover what it means to be a real hero!

Week 8 – Dinosaur TrekAn archeological dig through history or a talking dinosaur mystery? It is up to you to decide! Week 9 – Pirate IslandAhoy, matey…it’s time for sea shanties and a search for buried treasure!

Talk to the front desk for more information about our fantastic summer camp plans!!