A “Summer of Wonder” at Discovery Point!

DATES: June 1 – August 6, 2021

(closed July 5th)

The summer of 2021 was one of nostalgic, camping fun at Discovery Point, with weekly themes of the Wonders of the World — including both the Seven Manmade Wonders of the World, the Seven Natural Wonders of the World, and more!

Stay tuned for updates on Summer Camp 2022!

Summer Camp 2021 Weekly Themes

Week 1 – Wonders of the World

From natural wonders like Mt. Everest to the manmade types like the Great Wall of China, campers will travel the world to understand what makes these things so extraordinary!

Week 2 – What’s New in Space

Campers become astronauts, solve a Jupiter-sized mystery, & blast off to the International Space Station!

Week 3 – Mysteries of the Pacific

Set sail in the Pacific from New Zealand to Hawaii! Make lava lamps, flower leis and Tiki masks while exploring the various islands in the Pacific!

Week 4 – Lights, Camera, Action!

From Hollywood, California to Broadway in New York City, campers will light up the stage and screen in a week of star-studded performances!

Week 5 – Wonders of South America

Campers will ride through the rainforest and discover the mysteries of the Amazon!

Week 6 – Creating Inventions

Secret messages, mysterious smiles, and creative inventions are all a part of the world of DaVinci for campers to explore!

Week 7 – Save Our Wonderful World!

Let’s make the world a better place, together, as we learn about recycling and how we can save the world together!

Week 8 – Wonderful Wide World of Sports

In honor of the Summer Olympics, campers will learn about the games, the host country of Japan, and about being a good sport.

Week 9 – Discover Antarctica

How did explorers make the journey to Antarctica and what did they discover? Campers become explorers of the southernmost tip of the world!

Week 10 – Insects Around the World

What is the largest spider? What different types of bees are there? Campers can take a closer look at insects from around the world!

Discover a Summer Camp Full of Possibilities!

Summer is an exciting time in every child’s life—full of fun, friends, play, new experiences, and adventures! Everyone deserves cherished memories from their childhood summers. At Discovery Point, we want to become part of your child’s most beloved memories. Our summer camp programs are an exciting way for your child to get the most out of their vacation from school with plenty of learning, field trips, and fun.

Discovery Point hosts a number of summer camps, allowing children the opportunity to enjoy new experiences and adventures! Every Discovery Point Child Development Center offers unique summer camps and enrichment programs, so be sure to call us to learn more about the programs in your area.

Our summer camps include a number of exciting opportunities, including:

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  • Weekly lesson themes
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  • Fun competitions
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