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March 18, 2019
summer camp

Discover Our Exciting Summer Camp Opportunities in Woodstock!

Are you wondering how you can make sure your child in Woodstock has a blast this summer? At Discovery Point Woodstock, our summer camp offers children plenty of exciting adventures that allow them to make the most of their time off school. We’re looking forward to having the opportunity to be part of your child’s beloved memories this summer. Our program encourages campers to make friends, discover new ideas, and develop their unique skills in an environment that makes learning fun. Read on for details about what you can expect from our summer camp program in Woodstock.

Our “Mighty Me!” Summer Camp Program in Woodstock

We’ve created a program that promotes early language development through a basis in engaging works of children’s literature. Each week’s literature selection offers a theme for our activities and excursions, adventures that we’ve labeled “mighty missions.” Through these missions, children will discover the superhero within while learning important life lessons that they can bring back to the classroom.

“Mighty Me!” encourages hands-on learning through fun and exciting activities that have campers looking forward to something new every day. These themed activities also offer children an opportunity to connect with their favorite literary characters and stories and develop an appreciation of the magic of the written word.

The following are just a few of the activities we have planned:

kids doing skill building activities at our summer camp in woodstock ga
  • Cooking projects
  • Physical fitness challenges
  • Competitions and games
  • Brainteasers, puzzles, and unsolved mysteries
  • Uplifting talks from our inspiring teachers
  • Dynamic science experiments
  • Field trips and excursions
  • Skill-building activities
  • Arts and crafts projects

Inspiring Children in Woodstock

Since “Mighty Me!” is all about helping children get in touch with their inner superhero, we support campers as they build confidence and begin to see their unique talents and traits as superpowers. In addition, we touch on the following topics to ensure that campers understand that being a true hero means being the best version of oneself:

  • Teamwork. Campers learn the value of sportsmanship and being a team player.
  • Friendship. We help children build relationships using kindness and respect.
  • Self-reliance. Campers gain real-life experience that teaches them the value of resourcefulness.
  • Health & physical fitness. We encourage children to understand the amazing machinery of the human body.
  • Creativity. Our projects and activities show the importance of using one’s imagination.

Stop by Discovery Point Woodstock or give us a call at (770) 926-5544 today to learn more about our summer camp program for children in the Woodstock area.