Infant Daycare in Woodstock: Care for Your Precious Little One

When it comes to the care of your child, you want a well-rounded and encouraging environment. At Discovery Point Woodstock, we are an active, engaged, and fun child care center that promotes a love of learning. In our infant daycare program in Woodstock, your child will receive quality care and develop lifelong skills.

Our Approach to Infant Daycare

At Discovery Point Woodstock, we focus on more than just providing for the basic care needs of children. Our infant daycare takes a whole-child approach, delivering educational care in addition to providing for your baby’s physical and emotional needs.

All of our programs are rich in the development of language and literacy. In our infant program, the teachers talk and interact with your child throughout the day, which builds a foundation of language and literacy development. We also promote exploration and discovery for little ones, which leads to the building of social skills.

Our teachers are dedicated to teaching your child the skills they need to know at their age. We understand that every child is different, and we provide individualized care for this reason. Each child is met on their current level and receives encouragement to develop and build skills daily.

Though we are providing care for your child during the day, we strongly encourage parental involvement. Your child’s care begins in your home, and we hope to build on that. To keep you informed, we will provide you with a daily report detailing your child’s diaper changes, feedings, and development.

About Our Infant Rooms

Another advantage of our infant daycare is that we host it in our infant-friendly rooms. Each room is tailored to the care and development of infants ages 6 weeks to 12 months.

These infant rooms have been designed as bright and cheerful environments for little ones. They include age-appropriate toys and materials that promote learning and discovery. We keep the edges soft in these rooms, as our children are exploring their ability to crawl, stand, and walk. The central play area is open, allowing the teachers to keep a watchful eye over all children at once.

We also have safety and health procedures in place for your child’s benefit. All toys, surfaces, and sheets are disinfected or washed daily. Each child will also have a designated area for the storage of their food, diapers, wipes, and formula.

We hope you’ll consider Discovery Point Woodstock for your child’s daily care. Visit us today to learn more about our infant daycare in Woodstock.

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