Discovery Point Blog

December 7, 2016

How Our Enrichment Programs Can Help Your Child

Are you looking for an after school program that will help your child grow and develop their talents? Want something that is age appropriate and led by experienced, dedicated professionals? With the enrichment programs at Discovery Point of Zoar Rd., your child can experience new things and benefit from the characteristics and discipline built by these programs.

Our Activities

We host a number of different enrichment programs focused on helping your child. These programs can range from sports, physical activities, self-defense, music lessons, dance classes, and second language training. The activities are in place to build up your child in a number of different ways and help them with long-term tools to be successful.

Children benefit from the following:

  • The extra-curricular activities go the extra mile, giving children a whole experience for development.
  • They get to socialize with others around their age and spend time creating new friends.
  • Children gain new skills and can try new things that they have not had the chance to do before this time.

Parents can have peace of mind knowing that their children are in a program that focuses on their individual needs and goals, while you get to spend your free time taking care of errands or relaxing. Children from all over the area come to spend time with professionals who help to develop their own personal interests.

Discovery Point of Zoar Rd. understands and recognizes the needs our students have to better their social and academic skills. We have the multicultural experience and comfortable staff and reception that gives many parents the confidence that we can take the utmost care of their children in all that we do. We encourage you to reach out to us and learn what makes us different and why you should allow your child to come here for our after school enrichment programs.

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