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April 7, 2017

Steps to Take to Keep Your Child Learning at Home

For parents, school and daycare centers are often the sources they trust for their children when it comes to learning. While these are great resources to have, they are not the only options and parents should still take the time to keep their children learning even when they come home. As a parent, you can do a few things to help your child focus as much as possible while also increasing their ability to retain information.

Get them Reading

Starting at a young age, you should have your child reading various books, including books from their curriculum. This increases their understanding of the books and can improve their ability to retain the information they are reading. They will also take more time to focus on reading rather than doing other activities that they would typically do.

Improve Their Study Areas

Your child’s study area at home can dictate how well they learn, focus, and retain the information they need. Are there distractions around? Is the study area close to the television and taking focus away from school work? If there are too many distractions preventing your child from focusing on their work, change things up so they are more organized.

Make Learning Fun

We know that learning and studying isn’t the most exciting activity, so children may not always want to do it. As a parent, you should take some time to learn fun ways to help your child learn. You can turn learning into a new game or anything that would encourage the children to learn without having to dread the situation.

At Discovery Point of Zoar Road, we offer parent resources you can utilize to help make things easier on you and your children. Learning is a big part of a child’s development and we want to do all we can to help your child succeed.

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