Discovery Point Blog

January 3, 2017

Support for Teachers Equals Better Lessons for Children

Any parent with a child in a daycare center worries about what kind of engagement they are receiving and how much focus is on them. They may also wonder about what activities they may be participating in and what kind of lessons are being offered. The main answer to this lies in the teachers and their dedication to what they are doing, something we believe in strongly at Discovery Point of Zoar Rd.

It is our belief that we should stand out from other child care centers in the way we structure and approach our staff. Because of this, we utilize a layered, shared governance management that focuses on empowering our teachers. We see them for the professionals they truly are, offering them the utmost support.

By supporting our teachers, we open the door for them to do what they do best, engaging with the kids and focusing on the curriculum to best help them develop. Every class has a lead teacher and each section has a designated section leader.

As a parent, this means you get the benefits as well:

  • A teacher who is supported and can focus on engaging the children can provide the utmost guidance in development and growth for your child.
  • Your child has the individual time and attention needed to take advantage of the full resources provided to them.
  • Teachers are passionate about what they do, allowing for building strong relationships and fostering child development.

Our teachers are respected and committed to helping students prepare for every developmental stage of their life both academically and socially. You can count on Discovery Point of Zoar Rd. to provide the care and education assistance your child needs. We even offer optional activities and special lessons for children to develop new skills.

Contact us today to discover your options.