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Since 1988, Discovery Point has recognized the positive impact an effective curriculum can have on a child’s development. We help children become creative, confident thinkers. We know that this is the best way to help them excel in school and life!

We partner with Teaching Strategies to implement the Creative Curriculum® System for Preschool, a nationally recognized program for early childhood development. This curriculum creates opportunities for hands-on exploration and discovery, building a foundation for critical thinking.

Creative Curriculum®

With Discovery Point’s foundation of play and Creative Curriculum’s “studies” approach to learning, children get a comprehensive experience at our daycare center. Each component included in the curriculum is intentional, proven, and grounded in scientific research and child development theory. Designed to foster confidence and provide a foundation for learning, the Creative Curriculum allows our teachers to deliver positive outcomes for children!

Five fundamental components of the Creative Curriculum® approach:

  • The knowledge of children’s development and learning processes, combined with the understanding that each child possesses characteristics and experiences that make them unique.
  • The creation of a rich, responsive learning environment which can flexibly move within a structured daily schedule and weekly plan.
  • An understanding of what children are already learning in literacy, language, science, mathematics, art, social studies, and technology.
  • The combination of teaching strategies aimed at building relationships with children, teaching the children effectively, tracking their progress, and guiding their behavior.
  • The ability to build meaningful partnerships with families to support their child’s development and learning and help them reach their full potential.

You can get more information about the curriculum used at Discovery Point by calling (888) 979-7254. Stop by anytime at your convenience for a tour.

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    Shala W

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    "My daughter LOVES it at DP New Hope!"

    Lo J.

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    Andrea Franco

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    Naomi Kroneck

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    Shamira B.

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    "Loved and cared for our daughter, like she was their own"

    Cameron J

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