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Creative Child Development Center Programs

For over 25 years, Discovery Point has invested their efforts into helping children succeed, both in school and life. The value of preschool in a child’s formative years cannot be underestimated. When implemented correctly, these programs can positively impact a child’s development and set them up for well-rounded success in their endeavors. To ensure that the highest standard of quality is being met, we only hire teachers who are certified according to state and local requirements. In addition, we use a highly-rated age-specific curriculum in our programs.

Learning Through Play

With child care programs for infants to 12-year-olds, Discovery Point strives to provide the ideal environment for exploration, growth, and learning. As a day care center, we take a whole-child approach to education. This means that we don’t compartmentalize learning and play. Rather, we incorporate learning experiences through play so that the children are naturally motivated to explore.

We foster a creative environment for learning and growth through the following:

  • Low child-to-teacher ratios
  • Teachers trained in Early Childhood Education
  • Literacy rich classroom environments
  • Developmentally appropriate lesson plans
  • Creative expression through music, dance, and art programs
  • Computer access to promote technology skills

In addition, many of our centers have earn additional certifications and accreditations from state and national agencies including NAEYC, AdvancED, Quality Rated (Georgia), APPLE Accreditation (Florida), and Quality Star Rating (North Carolina). Check with your local center to find out more about these advanced levels of quality and instruction.

To learn more about our centers, or to schedule a no-obligations tour, call (888) 979-7254!

Discovery Point: Discover the Possibilities!

Families who choose Discovery Point for child care soon realize that we offer so much more than a basic learning program. Children come home excited about learning and about their experience! With owners on site daily, nutritious meals, state-funded pre-K opportunities, and before and after school care with transportation options, Discovery Point leads the way in a well-rounded approach to quality child care.

  • Discovery Point

    ""My children are my World" Glad they are in Good Hands"

  • Discovery Point

    "Daily my child comes home with another project or activity that shows once again, she was learning all day long while I was gone."

  • Discovery Point

    "They put a lot of love into the kids there, and it makes a difference."

  • Discovery Point

    "It’s great having that sense of security knowing she is in a great school with loving teachers."

  • Discovery Point

    "Great place!!!"

  • Discovery Point

    "Anyone who does anything to help a child is a hero to me"

  • Discovery Point

    "I feel very comfortable dropping off my daughter everyday knowing she is basically with family!"

  • Discovery Point

    "Our second family"

  • Discovery Point

    "They say “it takes a village to raise a child.” Thank you for being part of our village."

  • Discovery Point

    "Love my little ones like family"

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