Beginners Classes

Safe Place for Growing Babies to Discover & Explore

Our beginner class is designed for older babies who have just begun walking, usually between 12 to 18 months. The classroom environment is designed to encourage movement and mobility while creating a safe place to explore.

Special emphasis is placed on developing language skills and this classroom is rich with music, movement, and learning through play.

Parents can expect the following from the Beginners Program:

  • Close supervision
  • Strong teacher support and guidance
  • Low teacher-child ratios
  • Custom-designed room for beginners
  • Secure environment for discovery, learning, and growth
  • Focus on cognitive, sensory, physical, and emotional development
  • Exploration of independence for each baby
  • Separate playground only used by infant / toddler classrooms

A Platform for Exploration

Discovery Point knows that exploration begins to take center stage as infants develop better mobility. That’s why we created a safe place for them to discover their surroundings. Our Beginners Program offers the opportunity for strong teacher guidance for older babies who are crawling and walking, followed by close supervision.

Each child is given love and encouragement on a daily basis, focusing on new accomplishments and discoveries along the way.

During this stage of growth, our teachers know how important it is to properly balance independence and security for children—and parents. We provide daily reports to keep parents up to date on their child’s diaper changes, feeding, routine, and development.

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    "Our second family"

    Shala W

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    "Loved and cared for our daughter, like she was their own"

    Cameron J

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    "Best Place for my Child!!!!!"

    Naomi Kroneck

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    "There are there for you"


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    "Never thought I'd need daycare-Now I'll never change"


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    ""It takes a village...""

    Andrea Franco

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    "Love my little ones like family"


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    "My daughter LOVES it at DP New Hope!"

    Lo J.

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    "We Love It!"

    Shamira B.

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The Beginners Room

The Beginners room is designed to create a foundation of security, as babies begin to feel safe enough to move, explore, and discover. We will the play area with developmentally appropriate toys and materials designed to provide learning opportunities through play. The Beginners room may contain cribs and sleeping mats as teachers work to transition children. All toys are sanitized throughout the day and sheets are washed at the end of the day.

Each child is given a designated space to keep their personal items and supplies, such as diapers and baby wipes (which must be supplied by parents until the child is potty trained). When appropriate, children can be switched to center food. Parents should also provide formula or other food until the child is fully transitioned.

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