Pre-Kindergarten Program

School Readiness Program for Pre-K Students

Our prekindergarten program is designed for students between the ages of four and five years old. We keep our student-to-teacher ratios low, which means children always have access to consistent, focused care. Our teachers have training in Early Childhood Education, and we balance teacher guidance and student initiation for a learning focused environment that fosters independence and confidence. Depending on location, we offer state-funded and private prekindergarten programs.

PreKindergarten Curriculum

Our preKindergarten curriculum emphasizes the following areas of learning and growth:

  • Cognitive skills
  • Social / emotional development
  • Literacy / language skills
  • Physical skills

We want our students to succeed in every area of school and life. We understand developmental stages and how to provide personal instruction and attention so that children are able to grow as individuals and initiate opportunities to learn.

We believe in the importance of comprehensive learning, integrating minds, bodies, and circumstances to foster a learning environment under the guidance of our teachers.

One of the main objectives of our Pre-Kindergarten Program is to prepare children for school. We get our students ready for the transition from preschool to kindergarten, establishing a trajectory for academic success. We have a strong focus on math and literacy skills in order to give kids a head start in learning. We want to equip students to become active readers and develop their problem solving skills.

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Pre-Kindergarten Room

The classroom for our prekindergarten program is divided into carefully-designed “interest areas” that are stocked with age-appropriate materials and toys. This arrangement gives children opportunities to explore and expand their interests with independence. We provide children with a schedule that balances consistency with flexibility. This allows for routines and rituals, while still permitting the flexibility and openness a child needs to follow their interests. Curriculum encourages and supports a balance of teacher guided activities and free choice, allowing for time in a small group, as well as larger group activities.

Play-based activities incorporate math, technology, science, and art components in a fun and engaging way for children. Each child has their own space for personal items and home supplies, including a change of clothing for “messy” days. Every week, we sanitize toys and wash sheets.

To learn more about the Pre-K Programs offered at our child care centers, or to arrange a no-obligation tour, call Discovery Point at (888) 979-7254 today.

Student Portfolios

The curriculum offers daily, built-in opportunities for observation. This helps teachers obtain useful information about your child’s knowledge, development, progress, and more. Teachers will observe, document, analyze, and review children’s work over time and create student portfolios. Each student portfolio serves as a helpful overview of a child’s progress and development. The program equips teachers with the resources they need to provide individualized instruction, meeting the unique needs of each learner. Teachers also partner with parents, sharing information about students’ knowledge, abilities, and development in order to strengthen the parental bond and encourage at-home learning.

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