Preschool Program

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Our preschool program here at Discovery Point focuses on encouraging students to become lovers of learning and independent thinkers by creating an environment in which every day is an adventure filled with learning and growing. We work with children who are two and a half to four years old. We keep our student-to-teacher ratio low so our preschoolers have access to attentive, consistent, and focused care.

Preschool Curriculum

Preschoolers need the right balance between direction from caregivers and opportunities for independence. Our Preschool Program curriculum provides both guidance and opportunities for children to make choices and to take initiative.

In our preschool curriculum, we focus on:

  • Language development
  • Literacy development
  • Social development
  • Emotional development
  • Physical skills
  • Cognitive development

A major focus of our Preschool Curriculum is fostering students’ relationships with their teachers. This helps them prepare for a lifetime of learning. Our teachers are respectful, sensitive, and quick to celebrate achievements.

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Preschool Room

Our preschoolers have access to their own playground, which is open only to preschool and pre-K students. This ensures safe, peer-to-peer play. Our classrooms are designed to be effective learning environments, divided into “interest areas” with carefully arranged materials and furniture. We help our students learn through play, exploring a wide variety of subjects—especially art, math, science, and technology.

Every child has his or her own space for personal things and supplies from home, including a small blanket for nap time and a change of clothes. Baby wipes and diapers / pull-ups must be provided by parents until children are completely potty trained. We sanitize toys and wash sheets each week.

Student Portfolios

Throughout the day, our teachers are diligent to observe students and assess their progress so as to adapt the curriculum as needed. We use a series of tools including documentation, observation, analysis, and review in order to assess a child’s progress and adapt as necessary. We keep student portfolios to help track a child’s growth and accomplishments. Our teachers have access to the resources they need to provide individual, adapted learning techniques. Every child is different, and at Discovery Point, we honor that uniqueness.

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    Andrea Franco

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    Cameron J

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    Lo J.

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    Naomi Kroneck

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