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August 21, 2017

Discovery Point Sponsors Gwinnett Medical Center’s Care-A-Van

Discovery Point is proud to announce our sponsorship of Gwinnett Medical Center’s new “Sports Medicine and Concussion Care-A-Van.” This mobile concussion care unit is the first of its kind. It will travel to sports leagues, park centers, child care centers, and family events to provide baseline concussion testing that aids in proper diagnosis and treatment in the event of a head injury.

Originally a mobile mammography center, the RV-sized vehicle has been redesigned and re-purposed to meet a new healthcare need in Gwinnett County – concussion education, diagnosis and treatment. The Care-A-Van’s primary mission will be to provide education, prevention, proper diagnosis, and treatment. By providing quality education, this program will work to improve prevention measures. In the event a concussion does occur, the Care-A-Van can be onsite to offer a quick and accurate diagnosis and sound treatment plans that can reduce the long–term effects of concussion. The unit will house 10-12 concussion baseline testing stations and an examination/treatment room staffed by a licensed athletic trainer.

The Care-A-Van will travel out to sports leagues, parks and recreation centers, athletic events, community fairs and expos, schools, daycare centers, summer camps, senior centers, churches, non-profit organizations, medical practices, corporate campuses and more. The Care-A-Van can also serve to promote wellness on many other fronts as well, offering other health and wellness education programs such as helmet/equipment fitting, physical therapy, sports performance training, workplace wellness, nutrition education, fall prevention programs, and more. And the reach can stretch well beyond the Gwinnett County line.

As primary sponsor of the project, Discovery Point’s contribution helped to expedite the completion of the renovation – 9 months from start to finish.

The Sports Medicine and Concussion Care-A-Van debuted to the public on August 16th, 2017 during a VIP reception at Gwinnett Medical – Duluth. And was in service just two days later at the Corky Kell Classic at Georgia State stadium in Atlanta to help kickoff the Georgia State high school football season.

Gwinnett Medical Center's Care-A-Van

Discovery Point & Gwinnett Medical Center's Care-A-Van

Discovery Point Sponsors Gwinnett Medical Center's Care-A-Van

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