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June 22, 2016

Six Outdoor Activities to Share with Your Children This Summer

Healthy outdoor play is essential for your children this summer. Staying active can increase physical fitness and reduce the risk of childhood obesity. Additionally, presenting your child with a variety of group and individual options for active play can inspire a lifelong interest in fitness. At Discovery Point, we are committed to providing every child in our care with opportunities for outdoor play and fitness activities. Here are six outdoor activities to share with your children this summer.


Learning to swim is not only a fun and engaging activity for your child but can also be a valuable skill for his or her later life. Trips to an outdoor pool can allow children to overcome their fear of water. Swimming is categorized as a lifetime sport; this means that it can become part of your child’s fitness regimen for many years to come. By encouraging your child to participate in swimming this summer, you may be able to set the stage for a lifetime of fun and fitness.


The sport of badminton is often compared with tennis; however, the two sports have little in common other than the racquets used to play. Badminton is ideal for younger children thanks to the lightweight shuttlecock and the limited number of people needed to play. Two or four people can easily play a rousing game in a relatively short time, making this one of the most convenient and entertaining ways to have some outdoor fun this summer.


Taking a bike ride around the block or around the neighborhood as a family can allow you to enjoy quality time with your children while staying fit and active. Like swimming, biking is also considered a lifetime sport and can provide many years of enjoyment and exploration for your child in the great outdoors.


One of the safest and most popular sports for children, soccer is the perfect introduction to a number of concepts best explored in the team setting:

  • Cooperation
  • Taking turns
  • Good sportsmanship
  • Leadership
  • Dealing with disappointment and frustration
  • Practicing skills to achieve objectives and goals

These life skills can prove useful in future academic endeavors and in the job market. By working as part of a team, your child can acquire social skills while staying fit and healthy this summer.


This all-American sport can help older children develop hand-eye coordination and motor skills needed to succeed in a wide array of physical activities. T-ball teams are often available for younger athletes and offer an easy introduction to team sports and to the physical demands of baseball. Baseball is a popular extracurricular activity at many high schools and universities. Getting an early start can help your child commit to fitness and athletic activities in their later academic careers.

Tumbling and Gymnastics

While the formal lessons needed to achieve competency in gymnastic performance are usually delivered indoors, your child can practice his or her skills in the park or backyard this summer. This can provide an engaging and entertaining outdoor activity that can also help even the youngest children develop an improved sense of balance and a greater appreciation for the beauty of nature all around them.

Discovery Point can help you nurture your child’s interest in sports and fitness this summer. By enrolling your child at one of our facilities, you can ensure that your precious little one has ample opportunities for organized and free play outdoors. The professional educators at Discovery Point can help you inspire your child to stay active and fit all year around.