Discovery Point Blog

August 24, 2015

Why What We Call Child Care Matters

Choosing the right terminology for your child’s early childhood educational facilities can convey a positive message regarding the importance of these experiences. The teachers and administrators at Discovery Point Child Development Centers, for instance, maintain current educational credentials relevant to their positions with these elite facilities. Referring to these expert caregivers as daycare providers is both inaccurate and dismissive of the training and dedication of teachers in the early childhood field. By using the right terms to discuss your child care and early childhood facilities and personnel, you can create a more positive attitude toward these caregivers and the important work that they do.

The Negative Effects of the Term Daycare

By casually referring to your child care arrangements as daycare, you can undermine the importance of the people who educate your child in the eyes of those around you. These dedicated caregivers are not simply spending the day with toddlers and preschool-aged children; they are providing the formative educational experiences that will shape the way these young minds address the rest of their academic careers. Early childhood teachers offer child care, not daycare. By beginning with the right terms to describe the role of these professional educators, you can have a positive impact on public perceptions of early childhood development facilities and their staff members.

More than Simple Semantics

The words used to describe various activities and objects can have strong connotations and can affect how people think of the things described. The study of linguistic patterns is known as semantics and has a critical role to play in the marketing and public relations field. Advertising professionals work to select the right words for each of the messages they craft; this can ensure the most positive reaction among their planned target audiences. By using dismissive or inaccurate terms to describe the work performed by early childhood educators, you may be contributing to a misperception of their value in the larger community.

Respect Where It Is Due

Using the terms teacher and educator rather than daycare worker can indicate your own respect for the challenges faced and dedication shown by these individuals. This can also convey an important message to your child about the importance of their early childhood education experiences. Children can pick up tonal cues from adult conversations even if they cannot fully understand the concepts being discussed. By considering your words carefully and communicating respect for teachers at home or in social situations, you can foster a more positive attitude on the part of your children toward the learning activities they encounter in preschool or early child development facilities.

Supporting Your Child’s Progress

By maintaining a positive attitude and keeping lines of communication open with your child’s teachers, you can instill a love of learning in your toddler or preschool student that can last throughout his or her life. Your support for teachers and administrators can be a critical element in achieving this outcome. By choosing your words carefully and teaching your children to respect teachers, you can set the stage for academic success right from the start.

The professional educators at Discovery Point Child Development Centers have the advanced training and experience needed to provide your child with positive learning experiences in a safe and healthy environment. By working with these highly qualified teachers and administrators, you can enjoy real peace of mind while providing your child with the best possible start for his or her educational career.