Preschool in Covington

Discover the Possibilities for Your Child in Our Preschool Curriculum

Developed specifically for young learners, the curriculum used for our preschool program at Discovery Point Covington concentrates on promoting a hands-on approach to learning that allows children to follow their natural curiosity. We give preschoolers the support that they need to become independent thinkers by providing them with a nurturing environment full of adventure as well as intentional activities that allow them to build new skills. The result is that children are given the opportunity to make their own choices and take the initiative in the learning process so that they can follow their interests with an adventurous attitude.

a kid exploring nature at our preschool in Covington

The following are just a few of the exciting opportunities that parents can expect their children to experience as part of our preschool curriculum at Discovery Point Covington:

  • Language development using engaging tools like music, active conversation, and dramatic puppet play.
  • Cognitive development and a focus on critical thinking and problem solving skills as well as foundational ideas in subjects like science, math, and nutrition.
  • Physical development, from fine motor skill activities to outdoor play and movement to music.
  • Emotional development thanks to a nurturing environment that encourages children to build confidence and gain self-esteem.
  • Social development and peer-to-peer play with plenty of opportunities for children to bond with each other as they hone in on their social skills.
  • Literacy development through an approach to children’s literature and storytelling that enables young learners to experience the magic of the written word.

About Our Covington Preschool Rooms

Young learners are provided with access to an age-appropriate play area that is only available for preschoolers and pre-K students. In addition to safe playgrounds, we also offer specialized “interest areas” where children can explore new interests and ideas in a hands-on manner. These classrooms present an effective environment for learning by sparking inspiration in children as they discover important concepts in art, math, technology, and science.

Preschool Student Portfolios

From day to day, our teachers observe students’ progress and document their growth in individualized student portfolios. We use this data to assess how students are developing and introduce adapted learning techniques as needed. This appreciation of each child’s unique differences is designed to foster confidence in young learners, providing them with the support that they need as they learn and grow.

We welcome you to call Discovery Point Covington today at (678) 712-6550 to schedule a free tour of our child care facility and learn more about our specialized preschool program.

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