Discovery Point Blog

March 14, 2018

Discovery Point Heritage’s Track Out / Summer Camp

In the Wake Forest area, lots of schools operate on a year-round calendar. The schools operate with 4 tracks. Each track has 4 periods of 9 weeks where the children go to school – “Track In”. Between each period the children are “Tracked Out” for 3 weeks. The 4 tracks are separated so that there are always 3 tracks tracked in school and 1 track tracked out.

The benefit is year-round school for children. Students get 4 breaks throughout the year which give them a chance to regroup and prepare for the next track. The breaks are relatively short so students are more likely to retain what they have learned. The year-round school is also good for parents as it is easier to coordinate vacation and family trips with the children’s track out.

In the U.S., children attend school 180 days per year. That number is lower when compared to many other counties. In China, children attend school 210 days out of the year, while Denmark and France have 200 days of school and Germany has 187-190 days. If you add these days up from Elementary through High School, then children in other counties have more than one additional cumulative year of school than children here in the U.S. To better compete with these numbers, it is important for parents in the U.S. to select a track out/summer camp option which has a learning element.

At Discovery Point Heritage we offer an exciting Track Out option – where learning meets fun! For starters, we go on 3-4 field trips per week. Many of the field trips are great learning experiences (e.g. museums, “make your own pizza” at Cici’s, and the Wetland Center). When we remain on the Discovery Point campus, we have in-house learning projects like baking projects and science projects. One of the children’s favorites is when we bake loaves of bread with yeast, flour, water, salt, and sugar. The children learn how to read the recipe, how to measure, and all of the science behind the baking. They are then able to go home and educate their parents on how yeast works like it does. J

Beyond our field trips and in-house projects, we also have a comprehensive daily reading session and a “homework” session where we ensure the children keep up with their reading, writing, and math.

At Discovery Point Heritage, we believe it is important to spend a lot of time outside. We play a variety of games including ball games and sport activities – outside is one of the favorite places to be for our children and the physical activity helps keep them healthy.

At Discovery Point Track Out camp, the children are sure to make new friends while making new memories. We offer full & partial week options, as well as daily day camps. Contact us today at 919-556-8082 to sign your child up for Track Out Camp. Or stop by and check out our fun filled calendar. At Discovery Point Heritage, there’s so much fun to discover!