Prepare Your Children for School with Our Pre-Kindergarten Program in Wake Forest

The time before kindergarten is one filled with curiosity and wonder for children and their parents. Our pre-kindergarten program in Wake Forest aims to encourage that curiosity and help children develop a lifelong love of learning.

Through our pre-kindergarten program, your child can experience the joy of learning. We help children develop everything from motor skills to problem solving to communication through discovery, exploration, and play. With our wonderful teachers to guide them, your child can start building a strong educational foundation as effortlessly and enjoyably as they build castles with their blocks. 

How our Pre-Kindergarten Program Sparks Excitement for Learning

At Discovery Point Heritage, we believe that it’s important for children to experience the joy of learning as early as possible. Our pre-kindergarten program in Wake Forest engages children in a variety of types of educational play to spark their natural curiosity. 

Some of the things your child will look forward to doing each day include:

  • Working on a variety of themed projects 
  • Uncovering the exciting possibilities of mathematics and science
  • Discovering new worlds through reading and storytelling
  • Exploring their independence as they learn to problem-solve
  • Participating in fun and exciting holiday events
  • Creating artwork through crafts, performances, and music
  • Building friendships with their classmates through teamwork and play

Through play and exploration your child will develop skills and interests while kindling a passion for learning that will stay with them from their first day of school and throughout their entire life. 

Help Your Child Discover the Joy of Learning in Wake Forest 

Every child is full of limitless possibilities and potential, but they need to be given the tools and skills in order to access them. The pre-kindergarten program at Discovery Point Heritage does exactly that by letting children explore the world of learning on their terms. 

Our early childhood educators in Wake Forest provide children with the resources they need to thrive in their academic lives by ensuring they have an abundance of stimulating activities to engage in and thoughtful guidance. Your child’s own bright, inquisitive nature will do the rest! 

Find out more about our pre-kindergarten programs for children in the Wake Forest area, by calling Discovery Point Heritage today. We look forward to taking you on a tour of our classrooms soon! 

Boy playing with Lego at our pre-kindergarten program in Wake Forest