Before & After School Programs in Newnan

Working parents need a child care solution that they can trust during the hours when school’s not in session. At Discovery Point Thomas Crossroads, we offer before and after school programs in Newnan that provide school agers with a safe environment for learning and fun. We promote a hands-on approach to education that encourages students to continue their social and academic growth even after the school bell rings.

About Our Before & After School Programs in Newnan

School agers and busy parents alike appreciate our child care programs for the following reasons:

Our safe transportation options. We help get students from point A to point B safely using state-approved and inspected buses that service some public schools in the Newnan area.

Our nutritious menu. We offer healthy meals and snacks to ensure that school agers have the brainpower they need to get through their busy days.

nutritious meal from our after school programs in Newnan GA

Our secure and comfortable facility. Our child care center offers the utmost in security thanks to limited building access and open floor plans that promote visibility. We also have age-separate play areas, private bathrooms, and classrooms full of interactive resources and educational supplies.

Our age-appropriate activities and programs. Your child will be intellectually engaged and encouraged to continue the social and academic process outside of school through our collaborative projects and challenging activities. We also offer access to technology resources, age-appropriate books, and assistance with homework when needed.

Inspiring School Agers in Newnan

Our before and after school programs offer careful supervision and nurturing care for each and every student and give children the tools that they need to take the initiative in the learning process. Thanks to this approach, school agers have the space to follow their natural curiosity and develop new interests while creating lasting bonds with their peers and experiencing the support of our child care professionals.

We also help meet the needs of busy parents by offering child care even on days when school’s out. With Discovery Point Sharpsburg, your child can experience a fun and educational environment during school breaks, holidays, and teacher work days.

Are you ready to learn more about enrolling your school ager in our before and after school programs in Newnan? Call Discovery Point Thomas Crossroads today at (770) 254-1880 for details about getting started with a free tour of our child care center. We provide services to Newnan, Peachtree City, Senoia, Sharpsburg, & the surrounding communities.

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