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August 1, 2023
Front entrance of our Day Care Center in the Suwanee Area

Day Care Center in the Suwanee Area: How We Keep Your Child Safe

Considering childcare providers for your little one means ensuring they are in good hands. At our day care center in the Suwanee area, we have everything covered when it comes to your child’s safety. Keep reading below to learn more about Discovery Point Sugar Hill and our comprehensive approach to child care.

About the Safety Measures at Our Day Care Center in the Suwanee Area

Your child’s safety is important at all times. To feel comfortable with your child at day care, you want to ensure the care provider has safety and security measures in place. Our team at Discovery Point Sugar Hill strives to keep our students and staff safe by following countless safety protocols every day.

Here are some of the safety measures you will find at our day care center:

  • Age-separate outdoor play areas
  • Childproof electrical outlets
  • Fire sprinklers throughout the building
  • A single, keypad-locked entrance
  • Visitor ID screenings
  • Monthly inspections that surpass state standards

Because our students spend a lot of time in our classrooms, we have designed them to be safe. Each room features an open-concept layout and large windows. These aspects allow for increased visibility and room to play and explore. Each classroom also includes age-appropriate toys, materials, and furniture. We want to encourage our students to play and learn while also staying safe in our educational environment.

Finding a safe childcare option for your child means choosing one with trustworthy care providers. All of our team members are fully vetted before joining us. Each employee undergoes an interview process, as well as a background check during the hiring process. You can have complete peace of mind when you choose Discovery Point Sugar Hill for your child’s care.

Get Started with Discovery Point Sugar Hill

Our team at Discovery Point Sugar Hill loves serving families in our area with quality and comprehensive care. We are here to meet your child’s needs daily, providing them with a safe space to learn and play. If your family is located in Suwanee, Sugar Hill, or throughout the surrounding area, consider our day care center for your childcare needs.

To get started with our day care center near Suwanee, call Discovery Point Sugar Hill today at (678) 482-8101. We are eager to learn more about your family and your child’s needs. We can also help you schedule a complimentary tour of our center. This is a great way to experience our safety measures and get answers to your questions.