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April 29, 2022
Child crawling though a tunnel during child care services in Trinity

Child Care Services in the Trinity Area: Connecting Families and Education

Our child care services near Trinity will connect your family with our comprehensive and educational programs. At Discovery Point Trouble Creek, we believe every family deserves high-quality care for their children, and that is what we aim to provide.

How Our Child Care Services Connect Local Families with Education

To connect local families with our educational programs, we have designed our child care services to act as an extension of each child’s home environment. We encourage learning and growth for each age range, and make education fun. Our teachers are also able to provide the comprehensive care each child needs.

A key element of our child care is the support we provide for parents. Over the past couple of years, we have seen many changes in the types of careers that are possible. Whether you are working solely from home or are working full-time in an office, our programs can provide the care you need.

Here are some things you can expect from our child care services:

  • CurriculumEach of our programs follows research-based curriculums, which offer well-rounded and educational content for our students.
  • Learning and growthWe tailor our approach to meet the age range of the students in each program. Your child will have access to age-appropriate content, materials, and activities.
  • Safety and securityTo keep our center safe at all times, we conduct visitor ID screenings and have a keypad-locked entrance.
  • Health and nutritionOur students will be served nutritious meals, and our classrooms are thoroughly cleaned.
  • Quality assuranceWe are subject to regular inspections and evaluations to keep our programs and center up to our high standards.

Connect with Discovery Point Trouble Creek

Discovery Point Trouble Creek is your locally-owned and -operated resource for child care services in the area. Our team is proud to serve families in our community and provide comprehensive and convenient options for them. We extend our programs to the following communities:

We’re always happy to provide complimentary tours for those who are new to our programs. This is a great opportunity to see how our programs work and ask any questions you may have. Call or stop by our location today to schedule your tour.

Call us today at (727) 376-8211 to learn more about our child care services near Trinity. Our team is here to guide you through the process of finding the right child care for your family.