Discovery Point

Cruse Road

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Lawrenceville Child Care Center

Tour Our Child Development Center on Cruse Road

At Discovery Point Cruse Rd., our classrooms are an extension of your home. We provide the same level of attention and love to our children as their parents do, providing them with the nurturing they need to grow intellectually, emotionally, physically, and socially. Our programs take advantage of a child’s natural curiosity in order to develop their problems-solving skills and personal confidence.

Programs We Offer

  • Infants (6 weeks to 10 months)
  • Beginners (10 months to 18 months)
  • Toddlers (18 months to 30 months)
  • Preschool (2½ years to 4 years old)
  • Prekindergarten (4 and 5 years old)
  • After-school care for school-aged children
  • Enrichment programs
  • Summer camps
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What Makes Discovery Point Unique?

While we encourage children to try new things and stretch their wings, we do so within a secure location. Open, airy spaces encourage moving around and interaction, while our secured entrance ensures that only approved staff members are in the building at all times. Our children also receive nutritious meals from a full-service cafeteria that is USDA-approved. Essentially, what draws families to our doors is our dedication to your child’s safety and growth in every area of their life.