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Holistic Development

Discovery Point Heritage Holistic Development

There’s been a great deal of research conducted about early childhood development and, across the board, experts agree that the first 5 to 6 years are critical to all facets of growth. From cognitive and physical changes to social and emotional development, this period of time plays a key role.

Holistic Development

A positive learning environment can set the stage for success and happiness in adulthood. At Discovery Point Heritage, we focus on fostering this atmosphere and ensuring that each curriculum is appropriate to the stages of a child’s development. Our classrooms reflect these stages, and we encourage a seamless transition from one classroom to another by gradually familiarizing children with their new teachers and surroundings. Most importantly, classrooms are optimized for each age group based on 6-month increments. This unique feature means that each child’s surroundings are ideally-suited for his or her age.

Through continuous assessments, we are able to ensure that each child’s needs are being met in a way that fits their individual stage of development. We at Discovery Point Heritage are committed to helping parents and children build a strong foundation for the future.