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  • Janice Whitley


    Janice Whitley has held the position of Director since our center opened in 2006, but her tenure in childcare is more than 30 years. While looking for a job in the late 1970’s, she wandered into a childcare center, and “that was it,” she says. “I knew from that moment, childcare was going to be my profession. I love children; they make me happy. I respect their feelings and appreciate their honesty.” Ms. Janice is more than just a valuable employee; her dedication extends not only to the children but to their families as well.

  • Tina Hix


  • Amanda

    Assistant Director

    Ms. Amanda is lead teacher in our infant room. She has 15 years of experience in childcare; the last 3 years have been here at DP. She loves “her” babies but says that what she does each day is about the parents as well. “While parents are working to provide for their families, it makes me happy to know that I can provide love and care in a nurturing environment for their children. I enjoy knowing that I can offer parents peace of mind.” Ms. Amanda is also a lead teacher for our Summer Camp. Ms. Amanda will team up with Ms. Melissa to offer an unbelievable summer camp experience.

  • Beverly

    Lead Teacher

    Ms. Beverly has worked with children for nearly 30 years. She has been the lead teacher in our 3 year old preschool class since 2006. Her overall love of children, combined with her desire to see them learn and grow, has been the fuel for her long standing career in childcare. “Ms. Bevie”, as the children call her, says of her work, “My greatest joy is when a child hugs me and tells me they love me. This let’s me know they feel secure, and are enjoying what they are learning. Children are a blessing and I love being a part of their lives.”

  • Kaylee

    Lead Teacher

    Ms. Kaylee is a lead teacher in our Toddler Room. She has worked with us at Discovery Point for 2 and a half years. She recently completed the process of earning her Child Development Associate to meet the new state requirements. When asked what she likes about her job, she responded, “I love being greeted every morning with hugs and smiles. The children I work with are such a blessing to see everyday. I feel blessed to get to watch them learn and grow!”

  • Mrs. Valentino

    Lead Teacher

    Mrs. Valentino is the lead teacher for Pre-K Red. This is her 7th year here at Discovery Point but her work with children has spanned the past 19 years. Mrs. Valentino feels one of the most important lessons she can impart to her students is that school is fun! “As a pre-k teacher, my students have a long way to go in their educational careers. If I can teach them to enjoy learning now, that will help lay a positive foundation for their academic success.”

  • Kendra Holmes

    Teacher Assistant

    Mrs. Kendra Holmes came to work at DP in 2007 as an assistant pre-k teacher in our Pre-K Blue class. What she likes most about her job is “directing and participating in learning activities and games with the children. The children love it when we are interacting with them.” Ms. Holmes’ patient and nurturing spirit are a great contribution to the pre-k class environment.

  • Mr. Lynn


    Mr. Lynn is one of our Bus Drivers for our school children and field trips. Mr. Lynn also assist with afternoons in our after school programs when necessary. Mr. Lynn was born and raised in Waverly, NY and worked in the flooring industry for the same employer for 28 years. Mr. Lynn then retired and moved to North Carolina to be near his grandchildren. Along with many experiences, Mr. Lynn drove for Ft. Bragg, NC, driving a bus for the school age transportation for the daycare center and all extra curriculum activities. Mr. Lynn is married and has two daughters, 3 grand-daughters, and one great grandson. Mr. Lynn’s hobbies and interests include woodworking, yard work, sailing and spending time with the grandchildren. Mr. Lynn said, “I am thoroughly enjoying my part time job with Discovery Point child care center.”