State-Funded Pre-Kindergarten Program in Buford

Every parent wants to be able to help their child get a jump start on learning. With our state-funded pre-kindergarten program at Discovery Point Buford, we enable children between the ages of four and five to connect with the power of learning at an early point in their lives. Our aim is to help children succeed in the transition between preschool and kindergarten and equip them to grow into confident school children with a love for learning.

What to Expect from Our Pre-Kindergarten Program in Buford

In line with our comprehensive approach to learning, our pre-kindergarten curriculum focuses on several areas of growth and development. By incorporating fun into the learning process and integrating the minds and bodies of our students, we’re able to create an environment for education where children feel nurtured and are open to the magic of discovery.

Take a peek at some of the exciting things our pre-kindergarten program has in store for children in Buford:

students learn baking at our pre-kindergarten program in Buford
  • Project-based learning and thematic units of curriculum
  • Self-help skills for increased safety and independence
  • Language development with the help of fun tools like music and puppets
  • Social development through group work and peer-to-peer play
  • Emotional development and opportunities to build confidence and self-esteem
  • Use of critical thinking, active reading, and problem solving skills
  • Cognitive development in math, science, literacy, and other academic subjects
  • Incorporation of physical activity through fine motor skill exercises and outdoor play

Objectives of Our Pre-Kindergarten Program in Buford

One of the main goals of our Pre-K program is to ready children for the realities of the school environment. We do this by equipping them with the tools and skills they’ll need to succeed in school, both those of an academic and social nature.

In addition, we keep our Pre-K student-teacher ratios low to ensure that every one of our students is able to thrive with the specific level of care and support that he or she craves. The members of our Pre-K teaching staff have been trained in Early Childhood Education and are always striving to maintain a balance between guided and student-initiated learning to encourage a well-rounded education.

It’s easy to learn more about what to expect when you enroll your child in our Georgia Lottery-funded pre-kindergarten program in Buford. Don’t hesitate to contact Discovery Point Buford today at (770) 904-3180 to have your questions answered and to reserve a convenient time for a free tour of our Pre-K classrooms.

Boy playing with Lego