Infant Daycare in Buford: Care for Your Precious Little One

At Discovery Point Buford, we offer a secure and positive environment for your child’s care and development. While you’re at work for the day, we can be your child’s home away from home. Our infant daycare in Buford provides the kind of loving, nurturing, and educational care you want for your infant aged 6 weeks to 12 months.

Our Approach to Infant Daycare

Our unique whole-child approach to infant daycare combines care, education, and fun. Here’s what you can expect with our infant program:

  • Love and encouragement for your child
  • Individualized care
  • Low child-teacher ratio
  • Language and literature-rich classrooms
  • Ongoing interaction to develop social skills
  • Open learning environment

With small child-teacher rations, our teachers can focus on each child individually, giving them the personal attention they need. We also strive to provide each child with unique care. So we take into account your family’s schedule and routine as we care for your child each day. 

It’s also why, at Discovery Point Buford, we strive to keep you as involved as possible with the care we provide. To keep you informed, by providing daily infant reports that detail your child’s development, feedings, and diaper changes. We’re always open to any feedback or advice you have. If your baby had a rough night, or bad morning, let us know so we can take extra care in helping him or her adjust to their day.

Our infant daycare approach is motivational and fun for your little one. We use fun teaching methods and combine education with play, encouraging your child to explore new ideas and experiences. Our infant curriculum helps children develop their confidence, creativity, and imagination.

About Our Infant Rooms

We have created a space tailored to the care and development of your little one. Our infant daycare rooms include a safe, open play area, age-appropriate toys, and a bright and cheerful atmosphere. We want to be a space where your child can feel safe and happy.

Our open-concept design is safety-forward. The teachers are able to supervise all children at once, and our toys and materials encourage discovery and exploration. Infants are developing their mobility skills, including rolling over, crawling, and standing, so we ensure that all edges are soft for their protection.

We have specific health and safety procedures in effect for your child’s benefit. Our teachers sanitize the toys and surfaces throughout the day to keep everyone happy and healthy. We also wash the sheets every day.

By providing educational care, we can instill a love of learning in the children of our Buford community. Come see us at Discovery Point Buford to learn more about our infant daycare program!

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