Toddler Daycare in Buford: Encouraging a Lifelong Love of Learning

At Discovery Point Buford, we are eager to help local children reach their full potential with our care programs. Our toddler daycare combines education and play to encourage a love of learning.

For little ones aged 18 to 30 months, we offer our unique and comprehensive toddler program. By embracing the unique qualities that toddlers have, like curiosity, independence, and energy, we can help your child develop with our fun, hands-on activities. We also like to keep our class sizes small, allowing for more individual interaction between child and teacher.

Our toddler child care program at Discovery Point Buford also features the following highlights:

  • A structured, but flexible, routine
  • Learning to share and make friends
  • Increased individuality and independence
  • Choices in activities and play
  • Introduction of circle time including stories and songs with learning themes
  • Parent partnerships to encourage potty training
  • Standards-based curriculum with literature and language focus

Toddlers are increasing their independence every day. We like to keep a careful balance between their self-sufficiency and teacher guidance. Staying on track and having strong supervision is vital to your little one’s development, but so is encouraging their decision-making skills and individuality.

Another benefit of our toddler child care is the focus on holistic development. We use our curriculum to cover all aspects of advancement for this age group. Physical, intellectual, social, and emotional skills are all included in our fun activities and lessons.

Specially Designed Rooms for Our Toddler Daycare in Buford

Our toddler program takes place in our specially-designed classrooms. Each room features an open layout, which maximizes teacher visibility and provides plenty of space for your child to explore and play. We also utilize bright colors and decor in the room to foster inspiration and stimulation.

Your child will have access to toys and materials that are appropriate for their age and development level. These are frequently used to learn and practice the skills included in our curriculum as well. To keep the space clean and healthy, our teachers regularly sanitize all surfaces and toys.

When you choose us for your little one’s care, you can rest assured they are in good hands. Everything we do is designed to provide the basic needs for local children in the areas of Buford, Ivy Creek Elementary, Ridge Road, Thompson Mill, Deaton Farm, Mall of Georgia, and Hedgerow.

Call Discovery Point Buford today at (770) 904-3180 to learn more about our toddler daycare in Buford and to schedule a tour of our daycare center.

Child playing with toys at toddler daycare in Buford