Prepare Your Children for School with Our VPK Program in Lutz

If you have a child between the ages of four and five years old, you may be wondering how you can best help them prepare for the transition to kindergarten. Our voluntary pre-kindergarten (VPK) program at Discovery Point Lutz offers a wonderful opportunity for young learners to establish a positive connection with the power of education. We help them sharpen their social and academic skills so they can have the confidence they need to succeed when they enter the school environment.

What to Expect from Our VPK Program in Lutz

Our VPK program in Lutz doesn’t limit its focus to academic skills. Instead, we take a well-rounded approach to education that enables children to benefit from a more comprehensive style of learning. By integrating minds and bodies as well as learning and fun, we help our students embrace the magic of learning early on in their lives.

Take a look at just a few of the exciting things that we offer through our VPK program in Lutz:

students learn baking at our pre-kindergarten program in Lutz
  • An environment that encourages children’s creativity and individuality
  • Fostering of self-help skills for increased safety and independence
  • Use of fun props and engaging activities, including music, puppets, and dramatic play
  • Cognitive development in a range of academic subjects
  • A focus on language development and literacy skills
  • Opportunities for social development through group work and projects
  • Use of problem solving and critical thinking skills
  • Physical activity that incorporates fine motor skill exercises and outdoor play
  • Support with emotional development and building self-esteem

Objectives of Our VPK Program in Lutz

The main goal of our VPK program in Lutz is to help children make a successful transition from preschool to kindergarten. Our specialized curriculum and focus on nurturing care equips students to take the initiative in their own learning, helping them grow into confident school children.

In order to provide each and every child with the care he or she needs to thrive, we keep our student-teacher ratios low. All our teachers have been trained in Early Childhood Development and are prepared to assist children as they grasp new ideas, develop new skills, and follow their natural curiosity. With plenty of opportunities for self-driven discoveries and guided support with skill building, your child can get a head start on learning.

Learn more about what we offer through our VPK program today. Just give Discovery Point Lutz a call at (813) 501-8685 for details about enrollment and to schedule a free tour of our child care center.

Boy playing with Lego