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August 5, 2021
provider of child care in Jonesboro feeding toddlers

Child Care in Jonesboro: Getting to Know Our Curriculum

The early years of your child’s life are foundational for development and education. Our child care in the Jonesboro area offers curriculum-based programs that will provide age-appropriate development for your little one. Keep reading to learn more about Discovery Point Fayetteville and our programs.

About Our Curriculum for Child Care In Jonesboro

You will find a unique approach to child care at Discovery Point Fayetteville. Instead of only offering basic care functions, we provide comprehensive programs that are educational and fun. Our infant, beginner, toddler, and preschool programs are designed to offer well-rounded and interactive learning opportunities.

To make educational care possible, we follow two unique curriculums. Our proprietary curriculum is Discovery Point Connections®, which focuses on literacy and language development. We also incorporate the Creative Curriculum®. These curriculums incorporate hands-on activities into our programs to keep students engaged and excited about learning.

Here are some other features of our two research-based curriculums:

  • Themed weekly units with coordinating reading selections
  • Various subjects covered, including social studies, science, math, and reading
  • Opportunities for intellectual, social, and physical development
  • Hands-on activities, games, and crafts
  • Flexible and adaptable content for each age range and program

Our location near the Jonesboro area also follows the Abeka curriculum in our preschool program. This curriculum is Christian-based, incorporating educational concepts along with faith-based principles. Another unique aspect of this curriculum is that it presents sequence-based teaching. Called Spiral Learning, this approach begins with basic concepts and progresses to age-appropriate lessons and activities.

Local Child Care at Discovery Point Fayetteville

Discovery Point Fayetteville has been serving the community since 2007. We are proud to provide child care programs that are well-rounded and convenient for families in our area. If you are located in one of the following areas, turn to us for child care that is educational and engaging. They include:

  • Jonesboro
  • Fayetteville 
  • Hampton
  • Tyrone
  • And throughout the surrounding area

We offer free, no-obligation tours of our center. A tour will help you become more acquainted with our programs and how they work. We are happy to give you a look at our inspirational classrooms and outdoor play areas. Simply call or stop by to set up your tour!

To learn more about our child care in the Jonesboro area, call Discovery Point Fayetteville today at (770) 461-7322.