Discovery Point Curriculum

Fostering a Natural Love for Learning

Since 1988, Discovery Point has recognized the positive impact an effective curriculum can have on a child’s development. We help children become creative, confident thinkers by providing a language rich environment of discovery. With this objective in mind, Discovery Point’s educational team is proud to introduce our proprietary curriculum…

Discovery Point Connections®

Research shows that the single greatest factor in a child’s future learning success can be linked to the time spent hearing books read aloud. Not only does this nurturing connection build critical vocabulary, but it also increases a child’s attention span, sparks imagination, and fosters a lifelong love of reading.

Our proprietary curriculum focuses on early language development and literacy by featuring current children’s literature in each weekly thematic unit. The child centered learning includes development of social skills, scientific inquiry, music and movement, artistic expression, and cognitive development in language, math, and social studies. Each lesson is built on developmental learning standards for Infancy through Preschool and each plan is flexible enough to be adapted to each individual learner.

Creative Curriculum® from Teaching Strategies

Since opening the very first center, Discovery Point has partnered with the national leader in early childhood education. The Creative Curriculum® System for Infants, Toddlers, and Twos and Creative Curriculum® for Preschool, provides the foundation for all early learning. This framework creates opportunities for hands-on exploration and discovery, building a foundation for critical thinking. Each component included in the curriculum is intentional, proven, and grounded in scientific research and child development theory.

Discovery Point Connections® and Creative Curriculum®
Together providing a strong educational foundation for your child.

We welcome you to schedule a tour to learn more about our Discovery Point preschool curriculum by finding a center near you to get started today!

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