Preschool in Riverview 

Discover the Possibilities for Your Child in Our Preschool Curriculum

Created specifically for young learners between the ages of two and four years old, our preschool curriculum prioritizes independent thinking and creativity. At Discovery Point Symmes, we provide children with an inspiring environment in Riverview where they can experience each day as an adventure in learning. Parents can have confidence that our curriculum is filled with intentional activities and is grounded in scientific research concerning child development theory. The result is that we maintain a balance of guiding children through the education process while ensuring they are given the opportunity to take the initiative in learning and begin to make their own decisions.

a kid exploring nature at our preschool in Riverview

The following are just a few of the important elements that parents can look forward to with our preschool program in Riverview:

  • Emotional skills. We support children as they gain confidence, build self-esteem, and work on their emotional maturity.
  • Language skills. Our curriculum promotes early language development by making language learning fun and exciting through music, puppetry, and active conversation.
  • Social skills. We include plenty of time for group work so that children can bond with one another and hone in on the skills that are required to form lasting relationships.
  • Cognitive skills. Critical thinking and problem solving play an important role in our activities, as do foundational concepts from subjects like science, math, and health.
  • Physical skills. We give children plenty of time to play and explore on their own and also assist them with sharpening their fine motor skills.

About Our Preschool Rooms in Riverview

We provide young learners with access to their very own age-appropriate play area for a safer, more comfortable experience. In addition, we’ve designed our classrooms to be divided into “interest areas” that stimulate children’s natural curiosity by promoting hands-on learning with a range of materials that highlight new ideas and inspire students to engage with the learning process.

Preschool Student Portfolios

We’ve made sure our teachers have the resources they need to diligently observe the progress of each child throughout the day. These observations make their way into individualized student portfolios where we track and assess the development of our students. Thanks to this documentation, we’re able to introduce adapted curriculum and personalized learning techniques whenever necessary, ensuring more positive outcomes for each child.

Are you ready to learn more about our creative preschool program in Riverview? Call Discovery Point Symmes today at (813) 671-1800 to arrange a free tour of our child care center.

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