Before & After School Programs in Riverview

As a working parent in Riverview, you need a child care solution you can turn to during the school year. At Discovery Point Symmes, we offer a before and after school program for children in Riverview that helps them continue their social development and academic growth outside of school. We’ll provide your child with the nurturing care that he or she deserves while offering supervision in a fun and engaging educational environment.

What to Expect From Our Before & After School Programs

Through our before and after school programs, students can look forward to having a blast at our child care center while developing their natural talents and trying out new skills. In turn, parents can have peace of mind that their children are receiving high-quality care in an intellectually stimulating space.

Here are just a few more things you can expect with our before and after school programs:

  • Safe transportation options. In order to help parents with logistical issues during busy work days, we offer safe transportation to and from some schools in the local area. Our buses have been inspected and approved by the state for safety.
  • Age-appropriate activities. We encourage students to take the initiative in the learning process while engaging their critical thinking and problem solving skills. Our activities offer new adventures and inspire children to explore new interests.
  • Comfortable and secure facilities. Our child care center contains everything students need to feel right at home, from private bathrooms and age-separate play spaces to educational resources like books, technologies, and school supplies.
  • Healthy menu items. We know how important it is for children to have access to energy-boosting nutrition throughout the day. Our healthy snacks and meals help children stay energized and focused on learning and fun.
health meal at our after school programs in Riverview

Inspiring Children in Riverview

The aim of our programs is twofold. We want to provide parents with a reliable child care solution before and after regular school hours while also inspiring children to engage with the learning process outside of school. Whether your child prefers to interact with their peers, relax with a good book, or finish up homework, they will have the support and supervision they need at our child care center.

Give Discovery Point Symmes a call today at (813) 671-1800 to learn more about our before and after school programs and to schedule a free tour of our daycare center in Riverview. We provide services to Riverview, Gibsonton, Hillsborough County, & the surrounding communities.

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