Before & After School Programs in Land O’ Lakes

If you’re a working parent of a school ager in Land O’ Lakes, it’s important that you have a reliable child care solution you can turn to on busy days. At Discovery Point Terra Bella, we offer before and after school programs for school-aged students. In addition to fun, exciting activities and an educational environment, we also provide children with the support that they need to continue their social and academic development outside of school.

About Our Before and After School Programs in Land O’ Lakes

Not sure what to expect from our programs for school agers? Take a look at some of the things our students and their parents love about our before and after school programs:

Safe transportation options. We can help make your busy days less stressful with our convenient transportation options for some schools in the local area. We utilize state-approved and inspected buses to safely get students from point A to point B.

Comfortable and secure facilities. Your child will feel right at home in our comfortable child care center. We focus on maintaining security at all times through details like private bathrooms, age-separate play areas, open floor plan classrooms, and a strict visitor ID screening process.

Exciting activities. We help get school agers excited to learn through age-appropriate activities that focus on skill building as well as teamwork and peer-to-peer interaction.

Supplies and resources. Whether your child is looking for a good book, access to technology, school supplies, or homework help, he or she will find it at our child care center.

our teacher helping kid with homework at our after school programs in Land-O-Lakes

Child care outside of the official school calendar. We know that busy parents need child care even on days that aren’t officially school days. That’s why we also offer care during school breaks, teacher workdays, and some holidays.

Inspiring School Agers in Land O’ Lakes

We’re proud to have the opportunity to inspire your child to fall in love with learning. Our exciting approach to education incorporates fun and play into the learning process to ensure that children see the adventure in developing new skills and honing in on their natural talents. You can count on our child care professionals to provide your child with individualized support and encouragement that helps them grow and develop outside of the school environment while having a blast.

It’s easy to learn more about our before and after school programs. Just call Discovery Point Terra Bella at (813) 949-8211 to schedule a free tour of our daycare center in Land-O-Lakes, Wesley Chapel, Lutz, Zephyrhills.

Kids playing soccer