About the Owner

I am the 10th child of 13 children, so my early years could be deemed as a training ground for my future career! I loved growing up in a large family with many siblings to play with. I went to college with the intention of becoming an elementary school teacher and got sidetracked along the way with my love of math and became an accountant instead.

As I became a mother of three (one boy and two girls) and fell in love with my children’s childcare center and staff, my desire to get back into the childcare arena just got stronger and stronger. I quit my job as an acquisition and divestiture manager to work full time in a Discovery Point Child Development Center, working in all classrooms as needed as well as in the kitchen and behind the front desk. I LOVED it! After a year, I was more convinced than ever that this is what I was born to do. I now proudly own my own center and look forward to coming to “work” every day! I enjoy my staff – they are just great people – and the children and parents – an extended family for me.

– Pauline Webster, Discovery Point Owner