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Encouraging a Lifelong Love of Learning

At Discovery Point, children typically aged 18 through 30 months enjoy our toddler childcare program. Children at this stage are typically active, learning, and busy; easily engaged and eager to explore and discover. We therefore keep our student to teacher ratio low because we understand toddlers need lots of attention.

Our Approach to
Toddler Care

Our goal is to help all the children in our toddler program grow and thrive while giving them the attention and supervision they require. Discovery Point balances guidance from our skilled caregivers with increased opportunities for student independence.

Structure is important for childhood learning and development. While consistency gives children confidence. We allow children to exercise self-assertion and make choices regarding growth and learning.

The Toddler Room

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Our early childhood teachers implement research-based curriculum and a child-centered instructional approach for every age and stage of development — it is not simply “daycare.”

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