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Beginners on the Move

Our beginner class is designed for older babies who have just begun walking; usually between 10 to 12 months, up to 18 months. The beginners child care classroom environment is designed to encourage movement and mobility while creating a safe place to explore. Special emphasis is placed on developing language skills in a classroom alive with music, movement, and learning through play.

Our Approach to Beginner Care

Discovery Point knows that exploration begins to take center stage as infants develop better mobility. That’s why we created a safe place for them to discover their surroundings. Our beginners child care program offers the opportunity for strong teacher guidance for older babies who are crawling and walking, followed by close supervision.

The Beginner Room

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Our early childhood teachers implement research-based curriculum and a child-centered instructional approach for every age and stage of development — it is not simply “daycare.”

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