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Infant Child Care for Your Precious Little One

At Discovery Point, we create a safe and caring environment for children in our Infant Program by providing loving arms, physical play, and kind voices. While this program is designed for children 6 weeks through 10 months, that may vary depending on location.

From our Infant Child Care Program, parents can expect:

Our Approach to Infant Care

Throughout the day, your child will be given love and encouragement. We also provide parents a daily infant report to keep you up to date on your child’s diaper changes, feedings, and development. Our teachers know that every child is unique, which means they will have distinct care needs.

Providing affectionate care will create the open, welcoming environment young children need to learn and grow. We know that babies love to hear language, creating an early foundation for literacy and language development. Our infant curriculum also encourages interaction with the world around them, building key social skills.

The Infant Room

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Our early childhood teachers implement research-based curriculum and a child-centered instructional approach for every age and stage of development — it is not simply “daycare.”

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