Toddler Daycare in Cumming: Encouraging a Lifelong Love of Learning

At Discovery Point Bethelview, we offer our toddler daycare program for little ones aged 18 through 30 months. We are eager to help children from Cumming, Polo Fields, and the surrounding areas grow and develop a love of learning with our well-rounded program.

Toddlers are naturally curious and active, which we try to work into our curriculum. Embracing these qualities allows us to incorporate plenty of hands-on activities and fun ways to encourage learning and development. We build physical, emotional, cognitive, and sensory development into our comprehensive curriculum, so you can be confident that we are supporting your child’s advancement.

Our toddler child care also includes the following highlights:

  • Low child-teacher ratio with small class sizes
  • Consistent routine that allows for flexibility
  • Parent involvement to encourage potty training
  • Encouraged individuality and independence
  • Development of social skills, including making friends and sharing
  • Introduction of circle time, with educational stories and songs
  • Standards-based curriculum with language and literature focus

To help our students stay on track, we do use a consistent daily routine. However, we like to be flexible and allow your little one the ability to make their own choices. This flexibility can help boost their growth and development, as well as encourage them to be self-sufficient.

Independence is a very important aspect of life for toddlers. As they become more mobile and learn new skills, they are building their independence and individual personalities. Our instructors help each child embrace this journey and develop to their full potential. This newfound independence will also help your little one become more confident in themselves.

Specially Designed Rooms for Our Toddler Daycare in Cumming

Our unique daycare center features classrooms and play areas that have been uniquely designed for each age group. Our toddler classrooms are open in layout and design, making it easy for the teacher to oversee the children. We also use bright and cheerful decor, which creates a stimulating and inspiring environment. Our rooms also hold plenty of age-appropriate materials and toys for your little one to explore.

We work hard to ensure our classrooms are neat and clean for our students. Our teachers and staff follow regular cleaning and sanitization procedures to accomplish this.

For more information about our toddler daycare in Cumming, call us at (770) 205-5170. If you are new to our programs, we encourage you to schedule a tour of our childcare center to get more acquainted with us.

Child playing with toys at toddler daycare in Cumming